iSlots: FiveM Slots Game (Stand alone)


  • Resource monitor (Resmon) score: 0.01ms when idle, 0.07 when spinning (last time i written for iCore have only 0.00ms…but in stand alone version i can’t optimized more)
  • World game machines object detected
  • Occupied machines checked
  • Using casino chips item or cash, bank, … everything what you want.


  • Wins rate by server-side


  • Copy iSlotsSA to your resource folder
  • then ensure iSlotsSA in your server.cfg

Integration and Write more something

  • Open sv_iSlots.lua
  • Read and write, sky is the limit


Casino Games Bundle

Code is accessible Server code for integration
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 300
Requirements NO, Stand alone
Support Yes

Dang 24 euros :skull:


Looks amazing, very cool that it’s in real time!!!

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the way the reels are spining looks familiar to me, ooh wait, its like my script, there is an offset of a pixel or something and thats also the same.
make a script by your self, dont take others work, replace few things and repost it as yours.

isnt that half of this community ?? people just taking other people work and editing it then selling it claiming it as there own ?

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it is and so is this slot machine script. its literally from decompiled gta online. i don’t know how anyone can point fingers in all honesty

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very true lol

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This is resource for my Framework called iFW (Infinity), not for ESX ,QB or Standalone version
With VNS author, i have read your scripts, and i found some animations in it. Thank you, @DarkNosS96 .
But my resource written by my hands.

almost all scripts can be edited to fit every framework.
everyone can do some changes in the code to make it look “original” but that does not mean the code is not stollen or anything like that.
the code you are showing is not a proof or something like that.
i already reported the post and im waiting the moderators to check your script.
the hard part of my script is the system that is making the reels to spin, and from the video it is looking very very similar.
also my script was never purchased from you, so thats mean you have read my script (like you said) from a leaked site or something like that.

@moderators please take a look here.

Let’s wait for moderation’s answer.

its cheaper lol. so ill take this one

its not for the same framework… jesus…

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Update new change, resource monitor score (resmon) optimized to 0.00ms

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isn’t that 99.99% of locked scripts?

i’d rather pay 20 rather then 50 as a customer.

Technically they all are just selling Rockstar Studio assets, isn’t it? They don’t allow that, but its all good until they shut it down.


Please flag the topic explainig and adding proof, flagging for just “Inappropriate” doesn’t tell us anything and we cannot reply on those.


I will have standalone version soon, in one or two days.

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I did not looked at your script, but I think there is no sense to say that he is copying your code. Because the main part of slot machine running is just a wheel entity that rotating with a speed.

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When will be available the standalone version?

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Now, friend…

Now this resource converted to Stand alone version. Working on every Framework.

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