IRL LEO and Army Vet looking for Great server

Good morning, I am not really sure where to put this so I placed it here. My brother and I have been trying to find a good, mature RP server that is in somewhat of a startup that we could be apart of and help grow. We are looking for high command officers or LEO supervisors positions as I am a former IRL LEO (proof if needed) and disabled Army Veteran with RP experience as a LEO also and have an abundance of ideas to help within the LEO community. If you have anything for us or if you think we could help contribute to your server please let me know. Thank you for your time.


I am not offering a server, but I wanted to say thank you for your service.

All the best,



first of all; thanks for your service chris!

i have a server that seems like you’d like, add me on Discord Mewizard#0022

Hey chris , We just started a new Server and we are looking for people with the knowledge to head our Police department . Let me know if you would be intrested !

Do you have server info where I could check it out, also is the server Econ

This is the link to our discord server where you should find anything about the city :slight_smile:

Here’s ours you can check out : )

Stay safe out there

Hey there, S1RP is a decently new community that is growing rapidly, and is actively looking for dedicated and loyal members, we deliver some of the best RP while remaining lenient! Come check us out here!


Allegiance Roleplay would love to have you and your brother join us in patrols! Rank can be discussed and we hit a full server nearly every night with enjoyable Roleplay scenes and more.

If your interested, join our Discord here. And message me (Snippy 1A-1) and we can talk further!

We are starting a new community, launching soon. We have veterans and active military members from multiple branches. As far as a higher position, I can make that happen. If you have time to talk head over to our post and join our discord. Thank You

About: The Highpoint RP community was founded in late December of 2020 by our Owner and Co-Owner. We are a new community seeking the gain members who share a common interest in Grand Theft Auto 5 RolePlay. We are a family based community who seek to create the next vision of GTA 5 Roleplay.

All individuals who seek to join the HighPoint Roleplay community will be required to fill out the HighPoint RP community Application. After the individual fills out the application the individual will receive an email containing the status of their application within 24 hours once it has been reviewed by our recruiting team. Included in the email will be a link to our public recruiting discord. Here you will meet with the HighPoint Community owner and Co-owner for a general interview upon your application being approved.

To Apply:
Fill out our application and wait for response via email.
[6:18 PM]
Recruitment Information:
LEO Applications - OPEN - applications in very high demand. 16+
FD Applications - OPEN - applications in very high demand. 16+
CIV Applications - OPEN - applications in very high demand. 16+
Dispatch Applications - OPEN applications in very high demand. 16+

Thank you for that. I appreciate it.

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I’m also a LEO and vet. Looking for someone to help start up my community. Let me know if you’re interested.

Hey Chris,

Firstly thanks for your service and I’d like to invite you to our smalldOJ-Based RP server.
We are a small, kinda family-like community with BCSO and SASP available (plus K9, Detectives and SWAT/TRU from these respective Departments), as well as SAFR and Dispatch.

We did not announce our Community here yet, although would love to see you with us!

5PD Roleplay Discord:

Im sure you’re gonna get plenty of Advertisements for servers that boast all these stats, n’ are super, “serious” and “realistic.”

Not trashing on any of 'em… but typically these are fluff. If you want a super serious, realistic RP server. Let me know. Not staff, just LE and a Member

Is it a new server?

I am interested, tell me more!

Hey Chris,

Im a First Responder as well (EMS). I just started up a server and Its brand new, not many of us. It is an Economy server. I am looking for people to help me grow it. I can’t do it all alone and I need a good team to help me get it off the ground. Here is the Discord:

The server is up and ready for testing, everything is just in its infancy ya know. This discord is not really fully where I’d like it, I am tweaking that as well. Hope to hear from you.


The server(s) im a part of focus on realism, heavy street rp presence. But some examples, there are no bank robberies or stores to really rob. Guns are extremely difficult to get, ammo too… NO AI’s sell guns.

Guns are given to, “gun plugs” etc each month or week etc, to be sold… usually its just a handful of SNS pistols, maybe a glock or 2… and 30 rounds of ammo etc.

Guns are very rare. Making them a genuine fear. Gangs walk around 10 deep and maybe 1 guy has a gun with 10 rounds in it.

Certain guns cause the player to stumble and fall etc, because guns are heavily regulated, and rare to the general population, guns are extremely OP.

Economy is realistic, WL only, rules exist to prevent poor rp… like super cars etc exist, but cant be used as escape vehicles.

This server (and the much newer New York / Liberty City map one) are unique to FiveM due to their rules and mechanics in-game.

Knock-out script, so a lot of gangs fist fight, if someones knocked out, they get up after 30 seconds ish.

/me’s and /do’s are a rule requirement… failing to do /me’s or subpar ones? They’ll ban you… Shootings arent uncommon, but they’re typically far more realistic. I shot a criminal 3 days ago, all from /me’s… ever had a criminal crash and keep going? They do that here? Instant ban.

The servers extremely serious and really strict, environment like ive never seen before. Ragdolls actually work. Not that tp on the floor crud. Lots of custom clothes etc.

How can a server that has 12+ gangs… with 30 - 50 members deep… have less violence than literally and “serious” rp server I’ve ever seen?

It’s simple… they’re all cops vs. Robbers servers with much more mechanics thats all.

Like bank robberies… bad RP, really it is. So you just simply CANT do it.

Want a gun? You gotta try and poke around to find an actual dealer… drive around asking everyone, you’ll prob get tricked, mugged then shot. Or just banned because tbh thats bad rp too.


Plenty. Both server usually has 100/100 players filled. And the Que gets deep. Prob 50 to 70 people deep ngl. Gotta join at restarts. But if you’re PD or EMS etc, you get prio thats amazing.

There is another server… same RP quality, but its on Liberty City’s map, NYPD, new york based… yes it works, yes its usually 100/100.

These servers are launcher based, and not listed on FiveM itself.

Im just a cop and a member, not staff. But when I see people looking for real RP I tell em

Took me years to discover this place, and its AMAZING how bad other servers rp really is.

And it always falls down to rules, and staff, and mechanics.

Rules dont mean anything if your servers mechanics, and staff dont enforce em.

G’Day mate, first things let me start of by saying thank ye for ya service. I’m currently the director of a new up-and-coming community known as SLRP, if you are interested go ahead and drop me a Dm on here or Discord: GhostJustice#9999 would love to have ya on board to bring some good experience into the departments training routines and overall RP experience when it comes to patrols, I can slot ya into a Senior Staff or even department command rank if need be!