Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources

It won’t as mentioned FiveM is an open source sharing so people WILL find away around this sadly

Make people stop leaking.

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FiveM doesn’t share everything as open source. Like their anti-cheat, keymaster (where asset escrow is), and ofc Tebex as it is its own company.
This doesn’t mean people will never find a way around it but it will take a lot to find some major vulnerabilities in this.

when will be the delete option be available? because once you upload you are not able to delete the asset

I am all up for this system for sure. I have been working on setting up a server and working my best to get it working properly. I´ve actually already bought a few scripts that are tied to my account and I believe this is awesome, because I could have a developer help me and they wouldn´t be able to leak scripts I paid for.

In my experience so far, since I am a developer as well, just not experienced enough in working with fivem scripts (yet), I haven´t found many resources where I can´t customize the content. Yes, I have a few that are way too obfuscated and that drives me crazy since my customizing options are amazingly limited, and since I´m using these resources to learn myself, I get stuck a lot.

I understand it, as a customer since, as I mentioned, I don´t want anyone who helps me to use the content I paid for for themselves or their friends. As a developer, I also understand that you need to charge for your work. The only thing that I´d like is that, if they are already being tied to CFX accounts, don´t obfuscate the code, allow newcomers (like me) to check those files and even customize them.

I read some comments from different developers stating that they “are not interested in teaching anyone” and that´s fair, don´t teach them (us). But just by allowing customers to go through what´s in the code, and customize it based on their needs, you´ll be allowing others to learn, without actually teaching them directly.

Also, to the cfx team, maybe it would be a good idea to figure out a different way to let your developers -if any- test resources, something like adding temporary access to paid scripts so that they can test on a test server that uses a key not associated with the account of the buyer, but of course, with the option for the owner of the keys to remove that temporary access anytime.

This, of course, is just my two cents here, as I like and am all up for this feature.

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Yeah, this is something that will happen a lot. I think that a lot of paid resources will use this system and prevent you from editing any code, which in my opinion is bad.

Let’s say you use mythic_notify server-wide and one paid resource uses pNotify, you wouldn’t be able to edit that. Or if you have a slightly different version of ESX or any other framework, you will not be able to change the specific function names inside it.

Apart from that, a lot of the paid resources I’ve seen contain pretty bad code. For example, bad optimization, no server synchronizing or straight-up errors. Sorry to say it but it’s true. My own resources might even fall under this. But if resources like that get obfuscated, there will be nothing you can do to fix it. The only thing you can do is wait for the developer to fix it themselves.

I’m not planning on using the escrow system for my resources in the near future, as I believe you should be able to edit a script to your liking or server needs.

As for learning, I would suggest keeping to free resources since you can see the source code. Also reading the documentation for natives could come in handy. The most commonly used natives are pretty well documented. There should also be some tutorials on creating your first scripts on there.

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Is anyone facing issues where a client is unable to join saying couldn’t start resource xyz, where resource xyz is encrypted using escrow system… I am not seeing a lot of clients facing this issue but some are…

Easy fix, make sure your time/ clock in windows it set to automatic

why does this issue arise though?

No idea why the clock has anything to do with the error to be honest. But I´ve also seen that people add the resources, refresh and try to start them without restarting and they sometimes get that, just with a server restart the issue also goes away. Would be interesting to know why the clock affects it though.

People are getting it after the server restarts and when they try to join… It is happening recently with the escrow system… I never had that issue before… maybe while restarting scripts while in server but never at server restarts… and not a lot of people get this issue… but some do

It does fix it, only reason why cause others have been getting it with Gabz resources too and when they do what I said it allows them in, I guess it is a security check on the resources that they have added

Does anyone know when YDD files will be supported?

Oh yeah, I´ve seen you helping people there and I´ve seen that it fixes the issue for other devs too. Just interesting that the clock is actually an issue with the system, but I´d lean to agree on the assumption that is has to be some sort of security feature.

Will there be a github automated function in the future?

Local environment → repo → tebex

Probably not, I don’t see this being a open source code for people to look at

As in the ability to use GitHub Actions or Gitlab CI/CD? If so, yes, we’re planning to do that at some point.


Do you maybe have an idea when YDD files will be supported?

Can I remove assets from someone’s keymaster? I want it for example for Trials. (I could give access to the script to somenone for 7 days so he tests it and comes up with his opinion.

For now you could make a subscription package that expires after x days, and make it so customers can only purchase it once.

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