Installing clientsided car mods

Before you ask: I don’t care about serversided vehicles, this is strictly something for myself only. (because who else would drive a murdered out 300+ mph brick?)

How do I install modded cars on DLC vehicles like the Warrener? There’s a very dank Volvo 242 mod for it, but even with SHHADA’s tutorial I can’t get it working?

I’m still gonna ask. Why not just put them serverside under a name only you know? Problem solved :stuck_out_tongue:

Because then I would need to ask every server owner “hey install these mods k?” and that’s not something i’m waiting on.

yea and then you’ll be coming here asking why is it not working, you have to find the latest dlc that the warener was in and place it there follow shaddas tutorial thats the best one there is