I'd like to play with my car mods in five m server?

Do you know if i can play with my car mods on a server?Where have i to place files?
I know how to install car mods but i can’t play with it on gta online.
I recently discovered five m with roleplay and it’s really cool.
I know that the admins can put car mods on their servers so i’ wondering if i can install my car mod in my gta folder and see my car mods? the others players will see the cars of admin
Thanks for helping

You could place them in your client, search the forums for how-to do this.

Then again, it’s not recommended.

I have to do that as if i have to install car in a server?

I saw “shaddass” tutorial is that?
i can’t find it on forum but i saw people talking about it: Clientside car mods