Important policy update for server owners

When you’ve been told to go here for ‘more info’:

If you’re seeing the message below saying that your platform version is out of support or has reached end-of-life, you can fix this by updating your FiveM/RedM server artifacts by following the basic installation steps in our guide:

>>> Go to the installation/update guide <<<

Still need help? Post a topic (in English only) in #server-development:server-discussion or ask in the Discord server-talk channel.

For more details, see the original announcement below:

Server release schedules are coming!

Our community is growing rapidly and continues to mature as a platform. To further strengthen our platform stability, we will be implementing a new server update policy, effective by June 1, 2021.

It becomes increasingly difficult to provide the same level of support to the thousands of servers running different server versions. A number of servers are on versions released over a year ago. It is for that reason we are introducing server support schedules. Make sure to keep your server artifacts up to date for the best level of support.

As always, server binaries can be downloaded from our artifacts page for Windows and Linux.

Keep your server up-to-date

To guarantee the best level of stability, we will discontinue support for issues on outdated server artifacts. Instead, we are introducing support schedules as outlined below:

  • Recommended artifacts will be supported until 6 weeks after the next release in line
  • Latest artifacts will be supported until 2 weeks after the next release in line

Example for the Latest release line:

  • Artifact 5001 is released on January 1;
  • Artifact 5002 is released on January 6;
  • We will provide support for artifact 5001 until January 6 + 14 days, thus January 20.

If your server version is no longer supported, you will see this reflected on your server detail page:

Outdated server artifacts will not stop functioning, however, we will not provide support for them. If you are experiencing issues, update to a newer server artifact before requesting support.

Unsupported server artifacts older than 3 months will not be joinable from the server browser. Please update your server’s artifacts, and keep them up-to-date. If you are experiencing issues with newer server artifacts, always make sure to report them.