[IIS] Method of Entry | MOE | Enforcer / Explosive +

moe Method of Entry Resource


The Method of Entry script allows you, as a player in FiveM, to lock and unlock doors. It’s as simple as that! But, with a twist. We have explosive MOE, Breaching shotgun, and even Enforcer implementation WITH 3D sounds! How cool is that?!


Click for Features
  • Config File
  • Custom Enforcer Model
  • Sound Effects
  • Server-Sided sounds
  • Locking/Unlocking system
  • Explosive MOE (Knock down doors with boom)
  • Breaching Shotgun (Shoot the locks!)
  • Enforcer (Bang bang bang, we’re comin’ in!)

Video Demonstration

Click me to download! (18.0 MB)

All instructions for install and use are included in the readme file included with the download :slight_smile:


Really? Woow, thank you so much for share and happy christmas!!! Just amazing!!!

Great resource! would you consider implementation with esx_doorlock?


prayer for a yes! This is amazing!

Nice Release!

Could you add a Animation for the Enforcer?

Like “FBI Open Up! :rofl:

Friendly Regards

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I’m going to ask @123LladdCae . I’m not sure what his licensing guidelines are, and I try to respect software creator’s licensing decisions.

I might be able to hook them together, although I’d love if he had a github so I could fork him and give credit

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Merry Christmas. It’s like a surprise for me in 2021
thank you

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How many doors / locations does this work at?

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It will work with the model names in the config. You can easily add more.

If I lock a door, can anyone else unlock it? Without shooting or anything?

When I lock any cell doors, they stay locked in an open position,

When I unlock the door again, the “normal” position of the door is now changed to what you see in the first pic (it always swings back to that) and the moving radius of the door is severly limited.

(this is the max the door opens - you can’t enter the cell anymore)

This is something I was hoping to implement, but sadly through my research so far custom animation streaming isn’t possible as of yet

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I don’t mind you editing the source code, feel free! I do have a github, but didn’t get round to setting one up for this script in particular - I’ll create one and let you know when it’s done :slight_smile:

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It would be AMAZING if someone could get this to work with [Release] esx_tiesdoor - Releases - Cfx.re Community

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Good evening

I would like to know how to add a second weapon for the EnforcerModel to have a mass

the script works but the doors open and close incorrectly, a solution? They are always between open

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Shotgun isnt working for me

Can we access the source code yet?