[Release] esx_tiesdoor

Hello guys, this script was created to increase the level of roleplay, if you liked it, leave a comment and a like.

• Showcase (sorry for the quality but my graphic mod blurred everything)

• How to install?
installation is really simple and the same as any other script

1 Download
2 Simply put this in your server like any other script.
3 Execute SQL

• Optional
recommend adding the rule of 30 maximum minutes of robbery to your regulation (otherwise they will never leave the pacific)


This looks amazing. Maybe a thing you can added.

A stormram for the police. So they can get in. With sound so the players can hear them trying to get in.


very nice idea, thank you for sharing it :heart:
as @Dutchy30 said , it would be cool if you add someway for police to break it and open the door.
BTW , is it sync across all players ?

I like it, but the animation must last at least 10 seconds, otherwise it would not make sense to put the ties

vrp_doors.zip (4.6 KB)

version for vrp0.5

please translate it in english

Looks good. Amazing for roleplay!

Very nice release!

need to change the sql image image

i changed, sorry my mistake

You could make it 10 seconds, realistically a ram would not hit through in one go. It could be a thing where they have to hit the ram 15ish times before the ties break, which is risky for the cops to do so it evens out.

its no sync with others players?

Make it so you can kick the door in to “break” the zip-ties, Now that would be really cool!

No, https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/612077239252811778/730844167156006942/unknown.png?width=652&height=609

yes i saw the code

wow awesome amazing im gonna try it thanks

- New Update -

- Synced the door for all player
- Fixed some random bug

- Coming Soon -

- the possibility for the police to break the ties/door

If Police Ram or police can break door can be very useful.
If you are still working with this script I will follow the updates.


Ram bar for piece of cable tie, I love the sound of it already, haha

Being serious now, that was my first though for an improvement too

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i founded a 3d model free for use of a police ram, so i can do it, new update coming soon…