I don’t know how to save recourses in my txAdmin Server

I have a problem.
I just started a server with my friend.
Now we want to add cars etc.
But we don’t find anything in the internet how to add mods to our. TXADMIN Server.
Now I want to try some forums and maybe you can help me with my problem.
Thanks for reading my text and maybe you can describe it easily :wink:
See you next time and I hope to see you answer to this post.

What hosting are you using?

Depends on what you’re currently using as a host either way you can’t “Save” resources in txadmin you will have to add it to your resource folder where your server is located.

(From there you can further learn how to add resources via documentation on the forums)

Here is some official documentation: Introduction to resources - Cfx.re Docs
This link here is a good general idea: [How-to] Install a FiveM resource / Script
Another useful guide: Simple tutorial on how to add vehicles to your FiveM server [Add-on/Replace]

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