I bought patreon and can't see clothes

I bought patreon and can’t see clothes please help me!

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have you linked your key to your server from www.keymaster.fivem.net you need to link everything for it to work and copy the new key you maid into your cfg file

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thats what I did, I linked everything and put on cfg server running but clothes not.

do you have the eup files in your server [Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED) - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community

I ensure everything its running on console and seem to be fine but it isn’t showing on server in addition for my friends it works on their servers but on my server it isn’t

We have Ag icon also

i use the link above and all the clothing i use works

Did you actually synchronize your Patreon account? Also, I’ve heard it takes ~6 hours for the sync to fully work. Not 100% nor do I have any documentation or experience to prove this. It’s been a while since I set it up.

What do you mean synchronize? can you explain? I bought patreon yesterday and it still not work and I have badge of Ag on serever

Once you first purchase it can take 6+ hours for it to be set onto your account. It will not stream until it is synced onto your account. In some cases, it can take longer than 6 hours. That is just an estimated frame they give.

So, have you got this sorted as yet or still having issues?