HW Scripts | Advanced ATM Robbery [ESX] [QBCORE] [OX]

Advanced ATM Robbery [ESX] [QBCORE] [OX]

This script provides a comprehensive Lua solution for advanced ATM robbery scenarios in FiveM servers, compatible with both ESX and QBCore frameworks. It allows players to engage in dynamic criminal activities by hacking ATMs and looting cash rewards. The script features detailed configurations for police interaction, item requirements, cooldown management, and Discord logging.


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  • ATM Hacking: Players can attempt to hack ATMs using specified items.
  • Cash Looting: Successfully hacked ATMs yield cash rewards for players.
  • Cooldown Management: ATMs have cooldown periods after being hacked to prevent rapid exploitation.
  • Police Interaction: Police are notified of ongoing robberies and receive blips indicating robbery locations.
  • Discord Logging: Robbery events can be logged to Discord webhooks for server administration.

| Code is accessible | No |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 800+ |
| Requirements | ox_lib, ox_inventory, hw_utils|
| Support | Yes via discord |

what about qb-inventory,i see only ox_inventory-i use qbcore and qb-inventory

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Bro, its to hard follow rules?

  • Free releases: Releases that are released for free must contain a download other than Tebex (such as a direct download or GitHub). You may include a Tebex link but it must not be the only download.

I will add support for qb-inventory soon!

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Are you a moderator sir?
If not, kindly ask you to not just use these words.

This topic has already been verified by moderator for the second time.

It’s a bit strange to set a PAID tag to a FREE asset, that’s what you are telling me now?

I have stated verry clear, it’s a FREE asset, however the link provided will send you to my github. Since they are escrow locked i’m not gonna upload all the files via github.

But thanks for youre comment sir!
Enjoy you’re evening

ok,great,thx man

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Yep, no problem, your resource has been reported. You cant give link to the github, where user cant download the script, but he can only found the link to the your tebex. Its actually bypassing rules, so gl!

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Then tell me how moderators are accepting it?
After i already had it flagged when first tried to publish… Really don’t understand what you’re issue is :confused:

The moderator is also only human and can make a mistake, but I bet that as soon as they take over the report, they will ask you to either publish the script on github or delete this post. I don’t understand what’s the point of posting a free script on tebex and using the escrow system, but if you copied the code, I fully understand :)). Have a nice day and good luck.


Ah now it makes senses, you’re one of those people that are crying over a locked code…

Now i totally understand where the issue came from!

Again it’s a FREE asset sir.
But i have stated this many times now.

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Yep, its free, so open the code lol :joy:

Ah so first we are trying to be rude?
And now you want me to open the code :confused:

U might need to re-read this topic sir!
If you have any suggestions or ideas about this script im happy to hear them :slight_smile:

Did all the other functions work on qbcore?

hmm ,i set myself item hack_phone but i couldnt use it on any atm,nothing happend,no errors either in console or in f8

is this item ok i think

hack_phone = { name = ‘hack_phone’, label = ‘Hack Phone’, weight = 500, type = ‘item’, image = ‘hack_phone.png’, unique = true, useable = true, shouldClose = false, combinable = nil, description = ‘Neat phone for hmmmm…’ }

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Mhm, i might have not converted every function to qbcore.

You know what, as soon as i’m home i will give a look into it!

Kinda strange no errors are showing either :face_holding_back_tears:
Oh and also for SQL, i’ll make sure correct items for each framework will be added!

I know you are stupid, but the rules are rules and everyone must respect it, but the moderator will tell you :).

i think maybe and yes better that you give correct items for frameworks and inegrate them into script

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You still haven’t readed this topic sir!

But weird to insult me over a forum🤒

Yep, you changed topic description haha, moderators have logs :clap:, also you still bypassing forum rules, so gl!

now i see some error in console