[How-to] Use Extended Video Export (EVE) | FiveM

Hey, I have recorded clips on the new build server, and when i want go to edit them (b2060) that clips are corrupted, any fix?

Thanks for saving my life! But FiveM updated and screwed everything up again… Could you upload another version?

anyone have an updated version of eve mine doesn’t show custom plates, wheels and crashes too much

Is there updated version of EVE exists?
FiveM crashing all the time “A third-party plugin (extendedvideoexport.asi + 7C551) encountered an error. FiveM crashed due to a third-party game plugin (extendedvideoexport.asi + 7C551). Please try removing the above file from the “plugins” folder in your FiveM installation and restarting the game.”

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I’m getting the same error too.

Does anyone know how to fix this error? Or does EVE mode need an update? After the new update came to Fivem, it started giving this error.

There’s no fix. You have to edit them in the same version they were recorded in.

So what do you do now to get eve working? or should i wait for a new update?

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