[How-to] Use Extended Video Export (EVE) | FiveM

That’s odd. I can’t help you with that as I haven’t experienced that issue before. Although, I don’t use R* editor that often. :thinking:

why it doesnt work for me, i following the step and i just got black screen video, only sound
and the file size its only 280KB pls help me

I haven’t encountered that issue myself, but looking through the EVE posts on GTA 5 mods, you don’t seem to be the first person to encounter the same issue. So I advise you look through that and see if someone has found a resolution to it.

After I exported the project, it didnt save, it doesnt show up in my video gallery inside the rockstar editor. and the mp4s that show up in the rendered files are unable to play anything.

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same here

I did. I replaced it with a newer EVE, that allowed it to start, but then it crashes when exporting…