[How-To] Menyoo To RPEmotes - Emote Props, Shared Emotes & Conversions

Please watch tutorials already provided.

This issues comes from QB itself not RPemotes. ITs a standard issue they have with smallresources. Due to crouch, hands up and other things in there conflict with driving a car. If you press X while in a car it do Stop you from anything with a car and the car keeps going foward. Its a QB thing that messes with emotes/animations.

Sigh… why they breaking things :sob:

I had same issue on qb.

my quick fix was to update the emote lua

I replace the emotecancel function with

function EmoteCancel()


    ExecuteCommand( "/e c" )

I was told this wasnt a fix, but it indeed works for us. so idk

I will look into it for sure :smiley:

If you make your own animation menu or take code from other people, at least credit the work they do. I wrote this tutorial and forum to help people and stop them from flooding me with the same questions; not so that you can outright rip off my work.

Hi! The repository is off?

Yep, but i dont know why