How to make own server to public

Please help me to make my server (just only can play in local host) to be a public / online server, i can’t find the way to make my server public.
can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.

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You have to open the server ports, otherwise no one can see or connect to the server.

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Where can see my server port? For i open it…


In your server.cfg.
If you haven’t changed the port it’s probably 30120.

You can read more about it here:

I already read that doc but still didn’t work.
My port i didn’t change Capture

I’ve got server.cfg from here :

Have you configured port-forwarding for 30120 on your router and added an exception to your firewall?

Already configured… Capture

Exception firewall to program or only port??

Mainly just your port, usually Windows’ own firewall software manages this quite well but I usually have to configure my third-party firewall

still didn’t on the list

What response do you get if you type ‘hearbeat’ into your server’s console?

Responses if i type ‘heartbeat’ like this

im in in the same problem (firewall and modem port opened) but nobody cant see me

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Maybe anyone can help me for it. Skhow the steps by steps on discord…
Here is my discord : @wweandito#7526
Or have a group, share the link and i will join…

I have done port forwarding and i am able to connect using ip [by pressing f8 and type connect ip] but other persons are unable to connect my server
can anyone help please!!!

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Can anyone help me? i have finished my fivem server and i want my brother to join! but I don’t know how. and is not in the list. I also cannot log in with the IP address in the search bar. i use netgear. I don’t know what the username and password is !!! I do not get it anymore! can anyone help in advance thank you very much !!s

Have You Tried Username:admin password:password

Yo did you manage to do it


yo can you help me i just made a sever yesterday i added all the crap i needed took me like a day so me and my brother are on the same wifi how can he join i used the ip and it would pop up? plz help email me PLZZZ

I’m in the same situation :frowning: need help already open port-forwarding and exceptional firewall but still didn’t see my server in the list
I want to play with my friends now this happened

So you opened, on your router dashboard port 30120, 2 times output, 2 times input. You have to do it for TCP and UDP. Input and output. In total: 4 times on your router. Than you to the same, with TCP and UDP and input and output on your firewall. Also 4 times. When it than not works, im sorry.