How to I add an Add-On Police Car Server Side

Please help me. I know how to replace a police car on my server but do not know how to add one via Add-On. If anyone give me detailed instructions, or can be kind enough to speak over voice and help me, I would appreciate that.

On fx server i dont think you can add-on but i was trying but didnt get far if you know how to please let me know

I know you can but idk how to

Works perfectly fine.

@Lakeside-RP what gives you the idea addon-vehicles dont work on FX? it Works perfectly fine.

that tutorial assumes you have the meta files, but with basically all the cop files you dont get metas with them

Exactly so idk how to do it without them


Thats my issue

check your vehicles.meta file make sure there are no typos, etc.

im sorry to bug you that was for 3 different add-on

Inside your __resource file make sure you are using the correct data file mounter in accordance with the correct .meta file, therefore if you are attempting to stream the vehicles.meta you would specify the key VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE, and if you are trying to stream a handling file then the correct key would be HANDLING_FILE. All the datafiles are listed in the wiki provided below.

i made a video about adding new vehicles to fivem server
sorry for my bad english

I can add on the police cars but how in the fuck do I get the lights to work? The emergency lights do not work but everything else on and in the car does.

make sure have installed all files correctly

Wow that helps so much…

Install the file from Lt. Caine, i had to also install els client side and put the .xml file that comes with the car in the els folder also make sure the .xml file is named the same as the vehicle you are trying to spawn as listed in the vehicles.meta file

Read my messages please. I have it added on but the lights will not work on it

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Sometimes they don’t you might downloaded an ELS vehicle.

how did u find the meta files been searching forever

Many guides have been made for this topic.