[How-To] Converting vehicles to add-on vehicles. [ELS/Non-ELS]

After a little while of just helping people out with FiveM I have gained a lot of people asking me how to convert vehicles to add-on vehicles so here it is! I am aware that there are similar tutorials out there but from what I have seen they either include unnecessary clips or parts that are not needed.

Now before we start just to clean up some smoke, when I say add-on vehicle I am referring to spawning a vehicle with a custom name for example

police becomes lspd

People do this to either avoid using default car slots or to add more cars as they have already used all their car slots.

Acquire a vehicle.
You can use any vehicle from places like GTA5-mods.com, LSPDFR.com and even the forums themselves (there are more sources those are just the most common)

For this tutorial I will be using an unmarked taxi https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/14500-els-undercover-taxi-cvpi/ (This was picked at random and I am not claiming any ownership etc.)

Create a new folder somewhere you can access easily.
I created mine on the desktop,

This is just a little file I put together that I use when converting vehicles feel free to use it if you wish.

  • Create a stream folder inside the folder you created earlier, and place all of the yft and ytd files inside it.


  • This next step differs if you are using ELS or not, if you are not using ELS skip this step.
    : Place the vehicle.xml file into your base folder

  • Rename all of the files to your chosen name.

  • Now open my booster pack and drag all of the files into the base folder

  • Here is where it gets more complicated and you have to pay attention (i know right?)
    Open vehicles.meta and search for your vehicle, my vehicle is police4 so heres is what it will look like.


to your selected name


Then edit

<audioNameHash/> -- change to <audioNameHash>police4</audioNameHash> 

police4 can be any vehicle you want however police4 is best suited for my vehicle.

  • Then open carvariations.meta and find your car and change it to your chosen name

  • Lastly open your __resource.lua file and edit as followed.

Now hopefully by the end of this you should know the basics of how to convert a vehicle to an addon vehicle, please keep in mind that I am presuming you have some knowledge on this topic to start with. I am happy to help in the comments and I am happy to take any feedback on this post to make it better! I am planning on making a video tutorial on this as well and when or if I do it will be posted here. Cheers.


Hello I’m trying to add on my fivem server, vehicles taken from the GTAVMods website, but when converting them to fivem, the siren / giroflex doesn’t work, could you help me?
An example of a car I want to add is this:

The car works, but by pressing “Q” to turn on the giroflex and “Alt” to turn on the siren, it turns on the car radio.

Hey there, when i turn the els into a different name, the lights work with the staging jsut not the sirens, anyone know a fix?

change for this in vechicles.meta

looking to hire somebody to help build my server dm if you are interrested

Thanks You So Much Buddy!