How to add Rims

how to add this rims? in my server

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same as you add cars/models.

I can not do it, can you help me?

Modding Tutorials

Not modding help


:confused: need help

@Evolyck posted his response at 10:22am and you said you can not do it at 10:33am.

You didn’t even try. Follow the tutorial, try to learn. Take a couple of hours or days or however long you need. You won’t learn anything if people do it for you.

it s dificulty i m portuguese :confused:

I’m portuguese too and learned by myself. Nobody teached me how to stream it.

Being from another country doesn’t mean anything.

Just read it.


Alot of the rim packs have models and textures over 16mbs which cant be used in fivem. if its under 16mbs your good just stream the models and add them to a carcols.meta

ill help

You do realize it has been four years since the last post, right? Either he figured it out or gave up long ago.

I do appreciate your enthusiasm, though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yeah ik i just thought i would ask and be stupid LOL!