How to add mods to a FiveM Server

I am new to this stuff and want to do some rollplay with a friend of mine.
I just need some simple stuff in my server. (Some kind of Trainer to spawn stuff, Maby a map editor to place props and objects, and a skin changer to make custom skins like in GTA V Online.)
I tried adding some of those things to my server (Hosted on my PC) but didn’t come far. I have the server running fine. But non of the ‘plugins’ load. I probably didn’t install then the right way.

In my client I have the .asi files located here: FiveM\FiveM Application Data\plugins
In the server I tried making a plugins folder: FiveMServer\plugins
But I don’t think I got that right.

Is there a nice tutorial or some good text documentation?

Thanks for reading.


Hi @ElectroGamez,

This can definitely be a challenge for new Hosts for 5m and we’ve all been there. This is the video I used to setup my server.

Adding Mods to the server will require a few things:

  1. Finding the Mods, Scripts, and Add-ins you desire to put into your server
  2. Adding these objects into the “RESOURCES” folder in the 5M server files
  3. Activating the resource in the “citmp-server.yml” file in the top level of cfx-server/
  4. ALWAYS delete your cache folder under cfx-server/ when adding or removing resources

There’s a lot of info out there on how to configure your server and add things, but you’re going to have to put in the time researching to achieve what you desire. I spent over 20 hours researching before actually installing and taking a stab at setting the server up.


  • Before adding in resources or editing files in the server, create a complete copy and save it somewhere like DropBox
  • When activating resources in the “citmp-server-yml” never use [Tab], instead ALWAYS use [SpaceBar].
  • If you load into the server and it crashes after adding new resources. Try it a few more times and if you’re still crashing remove that resource.
  • ALWAYS delete the cache folder when adding or removing resources or making changes within the server

Hope this helps,


Ok, so I got some stuff running on the server. But I am having some problem with finding a good Trainer. I tried installing one on my client but it didn’t work. (Just didn’t load). Have some tips?

(I made a Plugins folder on my client and added LambaMenu.asi)

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Lambda is the main one most FiveReborn players use. It’s what we use and it’s works great.




  1. Inside your /fivem/fivem application data/ folder, create a /plugins/ folder
  2. Move the ‘LambdaMenu.asi’ file to: /fivem/fivem application data/plugins/
  3. Move the ‘lm-config.xml’ file to: /fivem/fivem application data/
    Note: The lm-config.xml file must be placed in your /fivem/fivem application data/ folder (NOT in the plugins folder)

Yeah, I found a out what was wrong. I launched my FiveM with Windows start and then searching it. But that launched FiveM that was located in my appdata/local. But I thought it launched in MyGames/FiveM. And I had my mods installed there. So yeah. Fixed that. Thanks for helping everyone! Cya!


Hey RPPery3 I’m new to the FiveM modding thing got my own server through zap hosting. Having issues putting in vehicles. Non els police vehicles lights are not coming on and all janki… When I in stall els police vehicles only police one and Fib2 have the els system which work however when someone else is in game with my the sirens bleep without anything even being on?

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