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My name is Vik, I have been asked lots of times to teach people over the past year how to add a custom banner to the vmenu and how to change things in the context of graphics. So below is how to do it. If you need any help please go ahead and ask, I’m sure people will help and I’m always open to help as well.

This method is to stream the YTD as a resource, I will have another page for how to do it via the vmenu folder.

:point_right: OPEN IV (Editing the file) - https://openiv.com/
:point_right: File to download - Vmenu-Texture Resource.rar (21.1 KB)

Here we go…

  1. First download the resource in here. Vmenu-Texture Resource.rar (21.1 KB)

  2. Then once downloaded save to a specific space such as your desktop. This is so we can access the file in a minute and get on with the editing.

  3. Done! Good. Open OPENIV & locate the file and the directory you saved then resource into. Then within OPENIV it should look something like this - displayed below.


  1. Once here then nice and simply click on the stream folder till you see a file that looks like what’s below. Then after double click on the file which says commonmenu.ytd


  1. Moreover this step, you should now be displayed within the gfx editing pannel on OPENIV.

If so located down the texture file menu till you see a file called interaction_bgd which should look and say something like this.

  1. Then create a banner to the size specified (512 x 128) as a dds file and change me banner by right-clicking the texture file and inserting your file. Like you would do for a livery…

  2. After, save the file and replace the current one. Then drag the folder into your server and start it.

For any questions or suggestions, please comment below.

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We installed the script correctly. However, our vMenu banner has not changed.

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Yeah same dont think this tutorial works?? I tried it and done everything said but nothing changed.

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Thanks dude, I was searching for this for weeks! Works Perfectly! :wink:


Hey Man!!! Thanks for showing how to this, it was very helpful and like the other guy, it works Perfect

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Can we make a banner as a gif?

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Yep i’ve seen its before!

Sweet, sounds great!

Make sure you read the instructions correct and make sure that you are using a DSS file.

It more than 100 percent works bro, read the instructions

how do I get a DSS file?

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Please use paint.net

i’ve got it all done, tysm.

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Do you know by any chance, how to remove the players name in the menu header as well?
It would make it much cleaner without it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, there.

So to remove the players name in the vmenu banner, you need to go into the vmenu SNL and remove the player.name tag in the title of the vmenu.

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Thanks so much!

I’m a bit confused, where is the vMenu SNL, I checked the resource and the source code but I don’t see anything related to that?

Where can I find the “vMenu SNL” ?

Download this file and open it via visual stuido code 2019 -

Download this file and open it via visual stuido code 2019 -

Then open the file and change the player.name