How do I setup a Roleplay server?

I’ve but a FiveM server but have no idea how to setup a roleplay server out of it. I assume it must be something easily done due to the vast number of them appearing on the server listings.

Start by getting EssentialsMode, you can find it here on the forum and then build off of that. There are tons of scripts that are useful for RP servers.

Okay, Thanks. In terms of putting them on a server? I have bought a FiveM server from a server host is that still okay?

i advise reading and understanding this first: [How-To] Create a basic script

after that look in for some resources, they ussualy have a guide how to set them up and run them.

good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! I appreciate the help.

Also does have a bunch of topics to get you started.

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I’ve attempted to install the essentials mode and have tried to run my server but its not appearing in the server list

Do you need help??

I can help you if you want theres some errors that yo might need to know if you can add me on steam

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