Hiding Server ip from Server List

Hello there
İm currently under a agressive ddos attack.

İ wont share my main servers ip directly… so i have made a Tunnel system that players can join via an another ip (i have tried, it works so so fine like we cant even see the real ip via console. When a car is downloading that says the gateway ip)

But when i click on server list and look for server details there is the real ip ( i have tried to change ip from server cfg to gateway ip)

But it didnt worked… how can i remove that Adress thing… i need new players so i need to be showing up on the server list…

İ have tried to change it by adding
Sets Address --gateway ip-- but didnt worked, also i have 2 ip adress now xd

Just turn your server off, and your vps. Leave it off for like a few days, hopefully they will stop. If you are on a VPS, contact the owners of it. Wait until a moderator off the fivem forums replies.

İm using a dedicated Linux server…
Also im not gonna wait till they stop cuz they r not going to stop.

İ just need a option that lets me to disable the Adress: bar or changing it to the gateway ip cuz people only needs that gateway ip.
My server can be visible via direct connect
So… they dont need the real ip of the server…

Basicly i want to change the server ip to something else that i want (like gateway ip… people can join via that ip)

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Even if you remove that, they will know the original ip, i’d turn it off.

How ? İ checked the F8 logs while downloading something or other things…

I don’t know how to remove it, i think its a normal thing that each server has. Turn your server off and you should be fine.

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İm not gonna turn it off… stop trying to make me quit my server.

If they are ddosing you, you are basically just harming yourself. Turn it off for like a few hours, and see if when you turn it back on, they are still ddosing.

I can tell you, i have owned many gaming servers over my years of gaming, when i have been ddosed. I have just turned off my server, and waited for them to stop. They will eventually get tired and stop. While it was down i went contacting many other people and my problem was solved.

They wont stop. They simply attacking the server when server gets +60 players. Its a hosting company who is attacking. And they trying to sell their “ddos protected” servers. If you buy from them, they wont attack you, best ddos protection, right?

Mart475 you also should learn how to fix a problem instead of postponing it.


Change your server ip :stuck_out_tongue:

Empty sv_master-related variables on the actual server to make it not announced and instead make your gateway proxy send the \xFF\xFF\xFF\xFFheartbeat DarkPlaces\n event to the master address (typically live-internal.fivem.net:30110) from its own UDP source IP/port pair.


This is borderline illegal in most countries and if you have evidence of such you should report them to your local authorities. In addition to that, if you know what IP ranges they host servers on, please send such evidence to [email protected] to have them blocked.

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You are right dude, that dumbies tries to sell ther server xd as ddos protected… but its not xxd
cuz there is no one in our fivem server community to ddos his server (we wont destroy him, cuz its not logical and a good thing to do)

How can i send this from the gateway ?

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