[HELP] Stream Addon Weapon Icons

Ey hello guys, found myself with a little prob and after reading the forums I didn’t find anything that could help me to solve some doubts.

I’ve been making a bit of research for trying to introduce addon weapon icons into a FiveM server. For what i’ve seen everything is into the hud.ytd file, that should be streamed with the new icons, but inside it there are textures that contain most of the weapon icons together as you can see here:

I’ve been already working with addon weapons for some weeks, but after looking at the forums I wasn’t able to find anything that could help me 100%. Still, the only topic related a bit with my issue is this one: [HELP] Weapon HUD Icons

It has a comment related on how to add the fire extinguisher icon into the hud.ytd, but it just adds it literally into the texture, not refering to how it links with the weapon, and it doesn’t solve me the following 2 doubts I have

· I’ve already located where the icons should be but, how do I relate them to the weapon itself? Any property in the weapon.meta? Or the weapon slot inside it?

· How does it recognise in which exact position of the texture is the weapon icon? Is there any system that separates automatically the texture?

Sorry for the long text, and thanks for the time reading :pray: :sweat_smile:

could you solve it?

Hello, do you want to add new weapons to the file or just change icons ?


Hello, for the moment just adding new icons, i still use vanilla icons in the server so the thing would be adding more to it

So, I don’t know if you can do that, sorry…
It’s probably GTA5 who manage this and it is not possible to edit.


How did you manage to use the vanilla icons on addon weapons?

From what I understand through research, the process would involve creating new polygon for the weapon in the GFX file, and editing some kind of metadata which includes the spawn name of the weapon.