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I want know how i make for when one player is dead in server he’s cant talk in voice N

I saw you commented on a similar post asking the same question.

You can use the native IsPedDeadOrDying to check if the player is dead.

Using the previous post and this native:

	while true do
		if IsPedDeadOrDying(PlayerPedId()) then
			local player = PlayerId()
			DisableControlAction(0, 249, true) -- Disables Voice Chat

			if NetworkIsPlayerTalking(player) then
				SetPlayerTalkingOverride(player, false)

i just take this comand line and put in this archive #voicemute?

You should NEVER use Wait(10) (or 8, 6 and such).

This is nothing but a stupid thinking that it will be less CPU intensive, but instead just makes players with high FPS to semi work (also known as HUD flickers). In this case it will cause high FPS players to be able to speak (clipped).

If you want every framed loop use Wait(0).

Also, this is a note from the native documentation:

the status of default voip system. It affects on NETWORK_IS_PLAYER_TALKING and mp_facial animation. This function doesn’t need to be called every frame, it works like a switcher.

Which clearly says “This function doesn’t need to be called every frame, it works like a switcher.” so I really don’t understand the code you provided, this is really just a nonsense spam, and even more CPU intensive than the Wait thing

thank u my friend, and u know how i make for show the polices players in minimap?

There are many resources out there that support various frameworks. I found a standalone resource that you can use or you can do some further looking on the forums for a framework specific version.

thanks so much♥

Can someone help me please :slight_smile: