[HELP] How to use es_customization with es freeroam?

Hello, I try to use the script es_customization (in advanced RP) with es freeroam, the outfits save in SQL but when I reconnect on my server, the outfits don’t appear ! I check in the server console and I don’t see the outfits query on join.

Please help it’s very important for me !

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I have the same problem

I think it s because freeroam, when u spawn, apply automaticly a skin on your caracter

Try this resource instead:

You might have to translate some stuff, if you’re not french. But it works, and that’s the important part.

Yes, but this script have very bad GUI, I don’t want that players passed 2 hours to make a skin ! I prefer a patch for es_customization.

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Up please… I have the same probleme ty!

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Or, you could look at how the coder coded, so the skin is applied, and fix that. Can’t expect anyone and everyone to run around, and code everything for you. Gotta try a bit yourself :slight_smile: