[HELP] Errors with Fivereborn and some unfinished ideas

I am trying to create one RP server (Based on what i saw on FailyV :stuck_out_tongue: ) .
There you got my ideas :

Use the GTA online player costumisation on the server ( I dont know if possible ).
Use the sames shops from singleplayer on the server ( Working on it )
When dead whait for the meds (player) to come and heal or spawn on hospital ( Not finished ).
Private garage for the police and/or appartments ( Almost finished ).
Save everything before the player exit. ( Only for some stuff ).

I tried to do something cool but i just have a bunch of errors at the fivereborn launch :

I am not using es_freeroam, just using :

and essentialmode.

For the moment i just wanted to have a baser server on FailyV (cuz is a full completed RP server) but then add some stuff from me.