[H@mer][GameRoom] Bomb Defuse (CS:O Style)

Server config

Client config


  • Easy Config, standalone, make for all server.
  • Many config, translate.
  • Low resmon.
  • Weapon shop and quick key.
  • Team select menu.
  • Map overlay display.
  • 4 maps available.
  • Press Z show scoreboard.
  • Spectate when dead.
  • End game screen result.
  • Lobby own world, game will not affect other players who are not in lobby.
  • Support XP rank system DarkRP_XP .
  • Support Kill Feed team and game icon.

Installation Guide

  1. Download all Requirements and extract file.
  2. Remove -main from all folder (ArenaLobby-main > ArenaLobby) (Don’t change folder realname to other).
  3. Start script respectively.
ensure ArenaAPI
ensure ArenaLobby
ensure critLobby
ensure critScaleforms
ensure weaponselecter
ensure DarkRP_Bomb
  1. Game Room menu you can edit in ArenaLobby

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Other Gamemode

Other Script

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements ArenaAPI , ArenaLobby , critLobby , critScaleforms
Support Yes
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Does anyone bought this? Is this updated to work with latest arenaapi etc… ?

Still working with a last ArenaAPI.

Sent you DM @HamerTH with list of problems, can you please fix it?