GTA5_b2699.exe!_setSamplersForPixelShader Crash

Hey a lot of people are crashing on my server, I have a dump wondering if anyone knows what is causing it. (1.9 MB)

Since 20th May i’m also having constant crash about GTA5_b2699.exe , i start playing on server and every 5minutes or 10 minutes it crashes.
My all drivers were up to date , i never added a new hardware or anything else. It was all same things. Same computer , same drivers and suddenly it started to crash.

Not remotely enough info for a bug report, and as a support topic it’s a duplicate of Game Crashing "setSamplersForPixelShader" which from the replies seems related to some addon content.

(and the reply: ‘i’m getting crashes about GTA5.exe’ yeah 99% of crashes are and that isn’t related to this topic at all)