Good LS Central Medical MLO?

Hey Guys…

So my development team and I have been talking and we really like the idea of centering our server’s emergency medical services department around Los Santos Central Medical instead of the usual Pillbox Medical that most servers/communities tend to choose.

With that being said, I was interested to see if anyone had come across or made a decent looking Los Santos Central Medical MLO? I played on a server with UncleJust’s MLO for LS Central Medical, however it was pretty buggy on FiveM. It’s such a massive MLO that I think honestly it just had trouble streaming all of it. I’ve seen this one too:

However, that one honestly just doesn’t look great to me. I mean hats off to the developer because I simply don’t know how to make maps, but I was really more interested in trying to find one more modern looking. I’m not opposed to paying for it either.

Honestly just curious what’s out there.

Thanks guys!

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I found this for you with a quick search
Los Santos Medical Center MLO (FiveM) - YouTube

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Yeah that’s the UncleJust was I was talking about.