Central Los Santos Medical Center interior v0.4

Hi there,

Known issue : On some servers, players experience blue-angel-violet crashes with this resource.

here is probably my first public release, I imported the hospital interior from GTA IV and made it fit inside the Central Los Santos Medical Center. The decrepit atmosphere of the interior fits perfectly with the poor neighborhood and the lore of the game which depicts the place as a really bad hospital.

I made a lot of changes among which are added collisions and props inside the two fake rooms in the small corridor near the front to make them useable.

Changelog : 

v0.1 : First release
v0.2 : Added the missing manifest file
v0.3 : Bug corrections. Added random peds waiting in the main waiting room.
v0.4 : Some corrections. May solve the blue-angel-violet crash

Edit : I gave up a long time ago on this one. I know there is a bug somewhere but I have no idea where and nobody could help me. It won’t be fixed. Sorry.



This is low-key cool. If only rockstar took the time with GTAV with interiors as they did with IV.

Looks good though!


its looking awesome!

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This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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Hi, please where is a problem ?


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Let me check if I didn’t forget anything :thinking:

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you forget some files i may think bro ;C

HMU in pm on discord if u need help . Danzzkenn #0001

Yes, working on it :slight_smile:


=) ty vm

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I forgot to put the manifest x) sorry for that guys.

As I am not at home right now, I updated the link but with a old and a bit dirty version of the manifest file but which seems to be functional. You can give a try but should wait a bit more if you’re not in a hurry (@Dansken is helping me making a clean manifest, we should be able to upload it in a few minutes)

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now when you get close the place you crash well atleast i do

OK so wait for the clean version

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great work, ive made a hospital script to add functions for pillbox hill (private) cant wait to get working on this :blush:

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It shouldn’t crash even with this version :confused:

Link is updated, it’s good to go now


Nice work, i’ll test it tomorrow

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All is ok.
Thank you !! Good job

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Looks really good!


I made good use of this lol, again great work

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