GoldRushRoleplay 18+ ONESYNC

GoldRushRoleplay is a new RedM community built by roleplayers for roleplayers! We have played in the servers, staffed the servers, seen the good storylines and the bad. We are creating this project to bring to life a strong storyline driven RP server through organic interactions in a world that we layout for you. We promote roleplay over gunplay, roleplay over ruleplay, and try to steer all new comers in the right direction to learn the ways of roleplay on RedM.

Those that come from FiveM will find that the roleplay on RedM is much more realistic and interactive than what they are used to. With a rich environment waiting to be explored and players across the map living out realistic roles amongst the locals of the state. You will find yourself immersed in the world that once existed in 1900 … the last years of the gunslinger.

Server is packed with custom scripts ready to lead you on your journey in the wild west! From civilian jobs to criminal jobs - lawmen & lawyers - doctors & horsetrainers
Come join GoldRushRoleplay and see what will be written in your story today!

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What will be written in your story today?! Come find out in GoldRushRoleplay - RedM !

Huge content update coming this month!
Come experience immersive top quality roleplay in the years of the gunslingers!

Im member of discord but still cant join the server help please!

Having the same issue unfortunately .