Get more minimap.ytd quads?

So ive been working on getting a Liberty City mod to work well in FiveM for a while for OCRP. But i have issues with the minimap/pause menu map when trying to get a new minimap to work, its supposed to show the entire Liberty City besides San Andreas like in the single player LC mods. And Liberty City is too big to fit in the minimap_2_1.ytd or whatever its called, the “tricks” that the DEVs whose made the single player LC mods have used where they split the map into twice as many pieces and add more minimap.ytd files doesnt work in FiveM. Does anyone got an idea what could work to extend the minimap outside of where the pause menu “stops”?

I have noticed it is possible to add the entire map via the minimap.YDDs instead of the YTDs, but they seem to have some sort of BBmin and BBmax like interiors, and i cant find any obvious code in any files to change those values so the map doesnt dissapear.
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I figured out a way to make this work, but by whatever reason CFX unlisted and locked my post even tho its not using any of Rockstar`s property. But servers advertising being Liberty City based, MLOs that includes GTA IV files and other pause map / minimap mods arent being hidden lol :man_shrugging:
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could you contact me ? or give me your discord ? i really need help with that and i can’t find any solution. Gave you my discord in forums pm’s if you have some time