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Thank you for the quick update!!

original download link?

Yes! All updates are provided at the original links though some users may need to use a private browser as sometimes the files are cached :slight_smile:

How do I tell the script that I’m an admin? I get an error in the console when I try to use forcegang.

Oh, so apparently if a player kills me, they don’t react. Is there any chance that you can make it so that they react to another player attacking you?

Half of the NPCs on Forum Drive wearing green are considered “not in your gang” for some reason. I also seem to have encountered a bug where I recruit and NPC, they quit their idle animation, but then don’t act like they’re recruited; they don’t follow, or pull out their guns when I do.

Is it just me, or do dead group members never despawn? I think the problem is that dead group members aren’t removed from the group or something…

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The admin commands use ace permissions. You can grant permissions to admins or modify the command as the resource isn’t encrypted.

The gang you are in should react if you are targeted by default.

Sometimes there are issues and conflicts with other resources… Something that is only working half of the time is usually more difficult to fix. We offer great support via the link provided in the resource, come and open a ticket and we can help you solve these issues :slight_smile:

In that instance, I was shot and killed in one shot… The NPC in the vehicle didn’t react at all. When I revived myself, the NPC was stuck in the car, and wouldn’t exit.

I don’t believe I have any resource that effect NPCs… I do wonder though if it’s related to enforcing a newer game build… Have you by chance tested with the server launch parameter +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189?

How do I do this? I should already be considered an admin in-game. In fact, vMenu lets me kick players. The only commands I removed from all players is the vMenu voice chat menu to enable Mumble VOIP.

Yes, it has been tested on the latest build.

The line where it allows all commands should work just fine as it is in the screenshot…
If you want to allow the command specifically you would do something like this

add_ace group.admin command.forcegang allow

You are also able to run this command in the server console to avoid restarting your server.

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I will see if this works the next time I load in… Hopefully this does, otherwise, something else might be borked with my server.

The resource doesn’t include anything that modifies damage at all…
If you are able to send us a private message or open a support ticket and provide more information we should be able to help you fix the issue you’re having.

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where do i get update

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This resource has been updated into the escrow system (without encryption).
It should appear in your purchased assets.

We’ll be releasing another update in the next few days :slight_smile:

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Are old purchases going there as well? I don’t see mine just yet.

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Unfortunately, at the moment there isn’t a way to grant access to previous users :frowning:
The old purchases are updated in the same place provided in the original email.

Several of the other devs I have purchased from have been able to do that. Hopefully you can make that happen at some point. Love the work though…

The only information that seems to be publically available on migrating content is very limited and something that we have already done… We had assumed it would be migrated automatically, but this is not the case.

If you have any information that could aid us in this process it would be appreciated a lot! :heart:

has it only been updated to the escrow or is there other updates?

Dont see mine in keymaster, hopefully we will be able to get added soon enough

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A few days ago the resource was updated with some new features allowing players to recruit police :slight_smile:

can yu add like stay shoot-mode dont shoot mode and follow