Game stuck on green loading screen [SOLVED]

I have started this using the fivereborn.exe and this client is stuck on a green loading screen with some Russian text on the top right. I am using windows 10 64-bit and I have a legit steam copy of the game

my filepath is D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GTA FiveReborn

my plugins are Enhanced reborn trainer and skin control (yes I did tried that without any other plugins and it’s still not working.

CitizenFX.log (156.5 KB)

I don’t have any dmp files

it’s same my experience. i solved,this is my way:
try to click on the X to quit program.
pay attention,when you click,if when you click yo see server list,then exit,software will work good.
change 5R location, put it in non system folder(like c:\games\5r) then restart.
this is how i solved.

I changed the file location for FiveReborn but it’s still the same thing. I clicked on the exe and I don’t see a severlist


Nevermind I got this working now, all I had to do is to change the graphics processer to the gtx 960m

How did you do this?