Freeroam v2 help please

In free roam how do I sign my guys to be a police officer can anyone help me please so we can go on duty

This isn’t something in Freeroam 2 tho? It’s not for RP

It don’t let me kick anyone from the server it say I am a moderator any ideals

Increase your permission levels in the DB.

U mean were it say admin put it to what please

I am a admin but how do I set my permmison or raise them

A higher number? I specified each number a few posts back.

It still don’t allow me to kick anyone and it say owner by my name

It’s /kick [id] to find a player ID hold the up arrow.

It doesn’t work bro I am shipley right now nothing

Hey I had to shut down my server because of 3 guys killing spawning tons of stuff please help

So I have freeroam working and it works great EXCEPT for the setting admin values

I go to Select Rows - Limit 1000 has all the users and shows admin but the columns or whatever the hell you want to call them is Read Only, and only that table is Read Only, I go to Alter Table and try and set the admin thing to Primary but this happens

I looked up on Google on how to fix this but no luck. Everything else works except editing the values.

Anyone have any solutions?