Making myself admin through MySQL

I am using the new freeroamv2 and would like to figure out how to edit the MySQL database because I do not have an edit button or anything like that this is what it looks like
I know it is probably something really simple but Ive tried looking at different websites and cant seem to figure it out

give me access to your sql and i will do it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

@BadBill You will want to access your phpmyadmin panel and go to the DB you want to edit then hit `users`, click edit and paste this code:

UPDATE `users` SET admin=6 WHERE username="[USERNAME]"

Hit `go` on bottom right.

Happy hosting!

@exalented Uhmm there are no usernames?

What? I’m confused by what you are trying to ask.

Thank you so much I had a command similar to this but I couldnt get it to work but that one worked :smiley:

Ow wait I’ve been working too much with steamid authentication, sorry.

Thanks for the help!

lol im glad to read all answer lol

Also, with rcon: “setadmin ID RANK”

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There is no users plz help

First, ask in the correct category “server discussion” and secondly this topic is a year old and had an answer supplied that worked.

For your issue you need to ask in the original ESX topic as this is not a FiveM related issue.

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