[FREE] X-Visual | Modify Visuals & Vehicle Lights | FPS Booster Included


Modify Visuals and Vehicle Lights' Intensity with an FPS Booster Menu included



  • FPS Booster Menu => 3 Configurations (Ultra Low, Low, Medium)
  • Visual Modifier Menu => Changes the player visual through changing the Timecycles
  • Vehicle Lights Intensity Menu => Modifies the intensity of vehicles light for the player
  • Ability to Save Vehicle Lights Settings => Saves the vehicles lights intensity settings for the player in a JSON file
  • Ability to run your desired "visualsettings.dat" file server-sided
  • CPU Resmon Usage => idle (0.00ms) -  when one of the FPS Booster Menu options is active (0.04ms)

Menu => (works with MenuV and ox_lib)

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Project-X offers both a free and a paid version of the script, with identical sets of features.

However, if you would like to support the work, you can choose to purchase the paid version through Tebex and pay any amount you want as a donation using the link provided.

GitHub Link
Tebex Link

[Other Releases]

Code is accessible Yes accessible
Subscription-based No
Requirements OneSync Infinity - MenuV or ox_lib
Support Partially yes, not 24/7

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