[FREE] TruckJob - Work as a truck driver

:bookmark_tabs: Description

This FiveM resource enables the player to work as a truck driver and deliver cargo to locations around the map.

If you are using ND_Framework by Andy7666, you can reward the player for completing the job with money. If you want it to be standalone, then simply set UseND to false in the config.lua. You can also simply convert the script to make it work with any framework you want.

This job consists of 3 parts:

  1. Start your shift at the truck depot, go pick up the trailer at a location.
  2. Pick up the trailer and drive to the destination.
  3. Detach the trailer and choose to get another job or return to the depot.

The player will be paid based on how many trailers have been delivered.

:bulb: Features

  • Customise the amount of money you get when completing a task (if using ND)
  • Set a custom truck model for the job
  • Set the possible locations for the trailers to spawn
  • Set the possible destinations where you have to drive the trailer to
  • Add custom trailers

… and much more!
Check the config.lua for more information.

:eyes: Preview

:bar_chart: Resmon

Context CPU
Idle 0.00 ms
Peak 0.02 ms

:inbox_tray: Installation

  • Rename the folder from TruckJob-main to TruckJob
  • Drag the folder to your server resource folder
  • Add start TruckJob or ensure TruckJob to your server.cfg

:white_check_mark: Changelog


  • Added server-side validations
  • Resmon on idle is now 0.00 ms


  • Revamped and optimized code
  • Added possibility to accept a new job when a delivery has been made


  • Initial Release

:arrow_down: Download

ESX Legacy support has been added! Thanks to NaviMax30 and auramap for converting the script.


you know what would be cool… if you had the opportunity to accept a new order straight away without having to go back to the depot or, as is the case at the moment, drive back to the depot to finish the work


That’s doable, and actually a good idea. I might implement that


@Lilifee You might want to check the latest update :slight_smile:


umm I’m sitting at work and can’t wait to get home to try this!!! new QBCore version doesn’t support my last QBCore trucking script… :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :metal:

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qb core does the job without pay

What do you mean? This resource is not qbcore. You have to convert it yourself. So make sure you did that correctly.

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loving this resource!!! thank you!!! :facepunch: :metal:

TOTALLY random bug – if mission is still going (needed to get truck for 2nd load) and you finance a vehicle, it will lock you in the car with no way to exit or drive… I couldn’t figure a way out but could replicate the issue again and again… honestly not the end of the world just got caught in it myself. :nerd_face:

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how change framework ?

Haha that’s weird! I’ll try to see what’s up with that

Change the function to give money on the server.lua to your framework’s, usually you can find it in their documentation

Yo I have almost this exact script for the old QBCore base but doesn’t work with the new version where this does… I’ll combine and if something truly cool comes from it I’ll share back so u can release. Thanks for getting the ball rolling. :call_me_hand:

OMG great addition!!! Can we get more of these type
jobs!!! This is amazing work!!! Trash truck job/package delivery/pizza delivery/rock cleaning any in the near future?!?

I’m working on converting other jobs, currently I have 5 more but they are still work in progress. If you want to check them early here’s the repo: GitHub - ItzEndah/ND_Jobs: Collection of jobs converted to ND Framework.

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Amazing Yesssssssssssssss!!! Thank you Sir!!! Another cool addition being a Law Enforcement agency going around as a process server. Serving papers to residents and around the map just like the mail job. Just an idea, Also config for vehicle.json folder where you can edit/add you custom units we have in our servers!!!

Hello bro, will it be available for ESX?

I don’t really know much about esx since I never used it, but you can easily replace the function in the server.lua to the function used by esx to give player money and that’s it

I spent 6 hours doing it to make it work for esx and the truth is I don’t regret it and I know almost nothing about programming but I made it work and it works very well


:kissing_heart: Thats my baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

ESX Legacy support has been added! Thanks to @NaviMax30 and @auramap for converting the script. :grinning: