[FREE] [STANDALONE] pma-sirensync

pma-sirensync is a resource handling the controlling and syncing of sirens, this resource is an alternative to lux_vehcontrol (meaning it doesn’t support ELS vehicles) excluding the menu lux_vehcontrol provides (maybe soon using ox_lib?), this uses faster syncing with state bags to ensure everyone on the server can see the changes made with sirens instantly and the state bag is registered on entities instead of players.

Please read the README.md carefully (you usually should read it anyway) on the repository as that contains pretty critical information to know before you get started with the resource.

Originally @AvarianKnight made this, but he didn’t want to release it and he asked me to do it, so here I am. Thanks to AvarianKnight we have this amazing resource.

Feel free to leave any suggestions below or in an issue on the github repository.

Preview and installation: YouTube (Thanks @TRClassic92)

Repository link: Github


Does this disable ambient sirens?

Been trying to disable ambient sirens with luxart and haven’t had any luck. Maybe I’m just stupid and doing something wrong? lol

You can disable ambient sirens with a native…

Sure I still have the snippet for it somewhere I would have to look.

	SetAudioFlag("PoliceScannerDisabled", true)

Put that in any client lua

I’ll try it as soon as I can. I’ve been looking for this script for a long time, I hope it’s optimized since the ones I’ve found aren’t :cry:

Interesting resource,

I will wait until menus are released and more features are integrated.

I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure this script is for syncing sirens and not much else.

Adopted this script today, bar a few changes to make it easier for our player base to get attuned to it (Comma => Alt, R Toggles etc) and seems to be working perfectly. So far, no issues and players have reported less siren issues than we had with a stripped down Lux.

I wouldn’t mind putting the changes behind a config and pushing them up if the OP is interested, would help more people coming over from Lux.

Description says there may be a menu and other features added in the future like LuxArt.

excluding the menu lux_vehcontrol provides (maybe soon using ox_lib?)

Modifying your script from local sleep = 0 to local sleep = 200 optimizes your script from 0.5 to 0.1

That sleep = 0 is to disable controls, making 0 any bigger causes issues as control disables need to run every frame. I am going to optimize it soon though, so be on the lookout for that change, any changelogs will be posted in this topic and in github releases.

I wouldn’t mind putting the changes behind a config and pushing them up if the OP is interested, would help more people coming over from Lux.

I’d happily take a look at your changes, pma-sirensync does already feature a config, so you can add it in there.

What kind of features would you want in the menu? The same as lux_vehcontrol or do you have some other things you’d like?

Release 1.0.3 is here

Release 1.0.4
This is a hotfix for an issue that was reported on github.

will this support server sided sirens?

As mentioned in the readme, this does support addon sirens, although it doesn’t request an audiobank anywhere, so I have to add something to support that

any plans? If so you have me sold lol.

I made a new release including the changes, but I’m waiting for approval on the reply in here

Release 1.0.5, a few fixes and support for audio banks, enjoy!

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Any plans for a youtube tutorial or anything regarding how to configure it? It looks confusing to me.

I’ll make something, could you put it in an issue on the github repository?