This is a script I spent some time working on recently. I hope you guys will enjoy and I’d love to see some videos or screenshots of some of the races on your server! If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Feel free to edit the script to your needs.

To see a showcase of the script, head to: GoKarts Showcase - YouTube

GitHub link: https://github.com/sati5M/GoKarts



Nice!, it will be cool if you can use traps or something like mario kart xD

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Nice script i love it

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looks good men

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Very nice :100:

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This would be amazing with custom items and traps

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is it possible to add a heading somehow? I have a different kart track and the karts always spawn the wrong way round

Sorry for the late reply. I’ll add this.

Did you ever add the heading? Because I’m having the same issue with my kart spawning the wrong way

Just added it, can be found on line 24 of the config. Forgot to add it when previously asked.

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the map? : (

Thank you so much for making it even easier to use.

We are really enjoying this script!