[FREE][STANDALONE][ADD-ON] Standalone Add-on Airsoft Guns

Using ESX also and I got it working fine. It’s best to use an inventory system like ox_inventory, you’ll be able to create a new ammo type (BB Pellets) and set it in your weapons.lua.

but i use another iventory system any other way to create a new

After i use the airsoft i can not reload any normal gun how i can fix that?

can i change the time that the player ragdoll ?

Cant wait

Wait for next update

doing so would change the time the taser for is effective for as well

i dont thinks becouse you change the weapon.meta from WEAPON_CLOCK

and not from weapon_stungun

u able to send me your items file with them in

U mean this? (ox_inventory) LEGACY 1.75

For qbcore

New update