[FREE] [ QBR / VORP / QR ] NPC Bandits [ Easy for edit ]

NPC Bandits

You can be robbed by NPC bandits

3 options to end the ambush.

  • Shoot everyone
  • Escape
  • Die


add pls_npc_bandits to your resource folder
ensure pls_npc_bandits

Easy config



redemrp - rework by SOLDIERFIRST

V2 is Available At: QBR / QR / VORP| NPC Bandits V2 |

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could be compatible with vorp

Yes, you can just change the money remove to VORP format on server.lua,

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Nice :heart:
Does it work with onesync ?

Yes, i tested on server with onesync and it’s working.

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VORP version available.

This might be a stupid question, but could something like this be recoded to work in Fivem?

Yes, I’ve thought about it a lot.
I think I’ll go for it.
Can you help me come up with a name for FiveM? :smiley:


QBR / VORP / QR - Available


edited for redemrp

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Thanks bro.
Can I add this to the topic?

Good work !

yeah for sure! happy to help.

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couple of questions:
1.) what is the range on the trigger coords. and can that be configured? I want to make sure that if someone for example is riding on the edge of the road, they still trigger, dont want them to have to be exactly at the coord.
2.) can you add additional lines of bandits, aka more bandits?
3.) can the specific bandits be edited in terms of what loot they drop, specific to these being spawned in this script?
4.) what about making it a native tribe ambush ?