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I have a hen house mlo that has 2 tv’s in it but they dont have a signal.
Do i just add the new coords in the config?

Major update!

  • Added Render-Target support to make it easier to add TVs.
  • Added website / word checking.

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Thank you!

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I love this tv, I watch all my favorite animes on this tv with my friends in my roleplay server staticrp, Its pretty cool

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Wow man that’s awesome! I’m so glad people are enjoying my televisions script!

It’s cool. Pickle has a gun pointed to my head rn.

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Another piece of work made by Pickle, thank you for this , now i can enjoy my tv on another level !
10/10 :star: I recommend using this for the simplicity and performance !

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I cant get the stuff to show up on the tvs on a ymap any suggestions? I can get it to pop up on the interact but not the tv itself


just wondering what the idle resmon and the active (or when near) resmons are.

Also, is there an ability to make a tvremote item instead of using a /command - or qtarget instead of chatcommand?

amazing release! Have a quick question tho how can i find the offset to setup a screen?

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You’d need to modify the scale and offset for that screen.

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i know that for sure but its kinda time wasteful if you know what i mean. Since i have to relog and restart the script to test if the offset and scale is correct. Thats what im asking basically if im able to get the offset lets say with a command or any other way

You can easily do a /refresh /restart scriptname in chat. There’s no need to relog or restart the entire server… You can even reload the server.cfg without leaving the server.

you might be right on this one i think i have to relog every time cause i have merged the gfx render with the televisions

Edit: yes that was the reason that i had to relog everytime im dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you resync the screen so when someone walks in they can watch what your already watching?

We just want the browser videos to sync. not the clicking and scrolling.

I can play video sites and go full screen but without sync its not useful. :frowning:

maybe a way to add a resync button so you can sync once you have a video on the broswer playing.

also , a Stop button to turn off a screen when finished.

is there a way to get what I put on one tv not to show up when I go somewhere with a different tv?