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Can someone help with some issue i’ve encountered ? I’m using esx_multicharacter and I have 4 characters, if I jail 1 charater for 30 minutes and then switch to other characters then i go to jail with the characters I switched. So the script doens’t see that you switched characters as the ID of the player remains the same. Anyone having this problem ?

I don’t know what else to try, because it’s breaking rp, I’ve stopped using the multi spawn too because if you get jail and then relog and you get prompted to choose where to spawn you can just spawn outside the prison area and that makes you go free.

Nope! Something wrong on your end. Works perfectly !

Hello can someone help me with this error SCRIPT ERROR: @pickle_prisons-1.1.6/modules/prison/server.lua:127: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘RegisterCallback’)

For anybody having the issue listed here with the qb framework:

The fix that worked for me was making sure that the items in “pickle_prisons > Config.lua” matched the item names listed in “qb-core > shared > Items.lua”

Make sure the names in the config.lua match the item names listed in Items.lua. The example above illustrates what it should look like for qb items.

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oh i have esx


SCRIPT ERROR: @pickle_prisons/bridge/esx/server.lua:21: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘xPlayer’)

Time doesn’t pass offline even though it should

after complete jail activity seem its not reduce amount of jail time ?

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How is the player rotated On the right side


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did someone solve this error please?

Hello! I get this error! How can i fix it?!
[script:pickle_prison] SCRIPT ERROR: @pickle_prisons/bridge/esx/server.lua:19: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘xPlayer’)

donde puedo encontrar el map de la carcel?