[FREE] Pickle's Prisons | Jail System | Breakouts | Work & Activities

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What is this?

This is a one-size fits all solution for jail systems, with high quality features that have yet to be seen in a free prison script.
It also has a lot of innovations, such as multiple prison support, which lets you send people to different prisons on the map (requires setup).


  • Supports both non-target and target!
  • Work & Activities (Kitchen, Cleaning, Workouts)
  • Create your own Work & Activities in the config! (Config.Activities)
  • Multiplayer Breakouts
  • Multiple Prison Support
  • Commands (/jail, /unjail, /jailstatus)
  • Takes & Returns Items Before & After Jail
  • Automatic Outfit Switcher
  • Commisary & Prison Plug (Used for Contraband Trades)
  • Collectable Items around the prison, with regen timer.
  • Custom Jail Siren System (Works with .MP3)
  • And more!


  • ESX (1.1+) / QBCore, or code your own bridge to work with your framework. (the bridge is fully accessible!)
  • Ox Lib (Required, Works anywhere).

Optional XP Support

Use my free XP system below, or port to another one inside of the bridge!

Optional Metadata Support

This is not required to use the script, however enables you to generate items with metadata using the .createItem function in the rewards.

  • QBCore
  • Ox Inventory
  • ESX (Only if your inventory provider allows metadata to be set through "xPlayer.addInventoryItem".


ensure pickle_prisons after ox_lib & pickle_xp (if using it).

Go to the "_INSTALL" folder.

Add the items.

Run the SQL file.

Go to the config, and set Config.UseTarget to true/false.

Restart the server.


Need Support?

Click here!

Ready to download?

Have fun!


very good each day making me happy with your posts, congratulations!

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whats the event for qb to jail someone?

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Amazing :green_heart:

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The event for jailing & unjailing is as follows:

TriggerServerEvent("pickle_prisons:jailPlayer", target, time)
TriggerServerEvent("pickle_prisons:unjailPlayer", target)

These events are the same for all frameworks.

If you’d like to learn more information, check out the documentation for Pickle’s Prison here:

thank you!

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No problem, please let me know how installation goes!

I hope everyone gets to enjoy this script as much as I do, have a great time!


the tunnel idea was genius and came out brilliant brother!

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I like this, unique and ive never seen multi jail support done. the custom alarms is some icing on the cake. Well done dude

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does it support ps-dispatch?
and maybe that we can choose time via ox_lib input?

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what a nice release bro thank you making it and posting it for free

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It can indeed! Use the Config.Alerts export in the config to add your dispatch events.
For choosing time, it uses the /jail [target] [time] command since most police jobs already have their own interface like that for sending people to prison.


yea command is easy but we got a job menu where we trigger the event Get Nearest Player Data and then whould be an Input Cool. i mean if you can add it make it maybe with an config too!

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Sure I can do that in a future update, great idea!


thanks will wait for this update then ill install it! <3

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Pickle, you have one of the greatest releases and most of them are free… You are truly treasure of this community


I really appreciate you saying that, it means a lot to see people enjoying the resources I make.


for sure ! i dl and install ! thanks for share so great product for free <3

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People like you rare nowadays, glad to see quality and community sharing coming together.


damn i think it’s time to replace my qalle jail ahaha thanks man