[Free] Ox Inventory

hello can you disable the items from being uploaded by the script? So I would like the items to be read from the database, because a few scripts don’t work because the scripts pull the items from the database.

With this update the licensing system is not working, if you buy it but even having it tells you that you do not have it

Loving this release mate, thanks very much. Can I request a (notice) to press (E) or whatever when on the blip to buy items from the shop? also the gun license, I didn’t even know how much it was until I bought it lol.

can anyone help me how to change the default button to open inventory from F2 to another button ?

How to setup discord logging in ox_inventory ?

Hard to beat free for this quality resource. Thanks overextended!

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downloaded new update now my inventory doesn’t open?

Can you rob players dead or alive with this inventory? And are there backpacks with it?

hi, i was wondering how can i get the suppressor and other attachments in the inventory, also whats the name for the ammo items for like /giveitem command?

the help text to buy the gun license does not appear, you already look throughout the script and the function for the help message is nowhere

Hi there i create myself a problem, perhaps someone can help me

Everything works well.
I delete the data in the database for refresh the server data
I restart and now i can’t open the inventory ! I had the message “you can’t open…actually”
In F8 i saw : SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native 00000000d7664fd1 in script host failed: Argument at index 3 was null

plz helllp

thx in advance

I need help I can’t find how to create a weapon item without the metadata of serial code/durability