[FREE] Optimized & SYNCED Animated Vehicles

After all my time developing FiveM. I have decided to release my first resource for free.

Below is a link to the git repo for the script.


image - This doesnt mean its optimized as it is using DUI guys. Be very careful with how many DUI’s you create.

Also make sure to play around and understand how they work before you decide to load 100 cars with animated liveries. As it creates a sub process each dui - Credits to the roasting in element. Made me want to experiment my autism a little bit further.

Example Table: Credits to Sk00dat

[CAR NAME] = { active = false, dict = 'TEXTURE NAME IN YDT FILE, USE OPENIV', gif = 'https://giphy.com/embed/fu1cAil49jxpUnz0Ee', name = 'YTD FILE NAME IN STREAM DIR' }


Little warning about this as i did found out in my own project using DUI. Even if the resmon MS is low, each DUI create an subprocess that will eat CPU performance, you can see them on your task manager :slight_smile:

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I did something like this before and it was a decent headache lol. Props to you

how to find findthetexturedictionary

Exactly. this one really heavy for server. not a good one

Yeah after speaking with Avarian, he gave me some advice on this. So gonna clean up the resource a little bit more to be a little bit more friendly :slight_smile: Thanks though. Love your latest release btw (drift counter)

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Hey nice release.

How does one put this on their car?

[`CAR NAME`] = { active = false, dict = 'TEXTURE NAME IN YDT FILE, USE OPENIV', gif = 'https://giphy.com/embed/fu1cAil49jxpUnz0Ee', name = 'YTD FILE NAME IN STREAM DIR' },

do not touch active = false, this could prolly be done a diff way

why ya remove the examples on github lol examples are always nice~

Will you update this thread once it is cleaned up? Would love to use it but I recognize it’s probably very resource intensive right now.

tbh its pretty simple, Thiers prolly not too much to “clean up”, the reason its intensive is because, well its animated graphics correct me someone if i am wrong lol

Is it possible to make it so it only displays when you are within a certain range? Is it currently trying to render it no matter where you are on the map? Just wondering / thinking out loud, forgive me if it sounds stupid or is already the case.

local dist = #(GetEntityCoords(v) - GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId()))
if dist <= 150 then

line 45 its there allready, might not be working or correctly~
yea looking at it they needs to rework that case after
while loaded == false do never fires again
prolly need to remove and readd the texture for it to work at a distance~

It works. Hense why there are two threads.

Right now i’m looking into optimizing this further. If you want to run the script, try not to create, to many DUIS. As it creates a sub process for each dui that is created. Handling of these on unload/resource restart is very important

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shouldn’t be too hard to do that … just add all the vehicles into a table and just make sure to clear them on unload or reload ~


    if resource == GetCurrentResourceName() then
		-- Clean Up Everything
        for _,object in pairs(enityobjects) do

something similar to that

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Yes sir. Just doing some more testing before pushing this.

I have a question, does this go inside the car or do I have to make a separate folder?

this get applied to whatever vehicles are listed in the client.lua, so ingame reg ones OR custom vehicles if you’ve loaded new ones, this is a “on its own” resource

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Will players in the server see this Animated light?
i mean other player

I have a problem is that I don’t know how to make it work, could someone give an example of how to create the folder or where they are placed so I can try it, thanks.

I mean the folder that we downloaded, you have to create a resourcer for it to work???

They will indeed