[FREE][OPEN-SOURCE] mdm_bulletproof_vests

The mdm_bulletproof_vests script is designed to incorporate ballistic inserts that can only be utilized when wearing a specific bulletproof vest (defined in the config). Upon using the insert, the vest replenishes itself based on the parameters specified in the configuration. If the player is equipped with both the designated bulletproof vest and inserts, removing the bulletproof vest will reset the player’s vest to its default state.

This script is tailored for ESX and utilizes the ox_lib; however, it can be easily customized as it is open source.

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Get for free - mdm_bulletproof_vests.zip (15.1 KB)

Version 1.1.0

  • Added the ability to fully configure notifications via config
  • Added separation between women’s and men’s vests, when this option is enabled they will no longer overlap
  • A progressbar option has been added that can be fully customized in the config
Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Number of lines
Requirements ESX
Support No

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If you post this for free, then the link should be on github or here on the forum.

Also client and server files arent open for changes…

Please include a direct download as mentioned in the rules

Thank you for pointing it out, all corrections have already been made, and I noticed an error in fxmanifest regarding script coding, the entire code should now be available.

Many thanks :wink:

For understandings: i define all vests, that are usable for the keclar-plates, inside the config, also for male and female, right? Pretty nice idea.

But a small suggestion, for future releases, as idea: make it possible, like seen in other games like COD or any other game, that used kevlar plates as armour, in that case i use 33% plates, if i put three of them inside my vest, i got 100% armour (ignore the 1 percent :wink: )

Or i define the medium one with 50% armour, it needs 2 of them to get full armour.

That would be a nice feature at least, but my coding skills arent that good to do it on my own.

Hi, can you explain more what you mean, because the script works in such a way that, for example, if you use the weakest vest three times, you will have the 99%, so I don’t fully understand what you mean.

Ah, okay, so far i didnt test it. Thx for explanaition

How to add vests in ox_inventory?

I’m sorry for responding so late. Below is an example.

[“armor1”] = {
label = “Light Bulletproof”,
weight = 600,
stack = true,
close = true,

[“armor2”] = {
label = “Bulletproof”,
weight = 800,
stack = true,
close = true,

[“armor3”] = {
label = “Hard Bulletproof”,
weight = 1000,
stack = true,
close = true,

Hey is this good for females and males to have different numbers for the vest clothing numbers? Like if I chose the vest for a male the female can have a different one and be okay? no mixing up ya know?

Hi, you are absolutely right, I didn’t think about this aspect, I should post an update on this soon and fix this shortcoming.

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That would be great, I downloaded it and tried it last night and its awesome! just need the separation for females and it will be even better. I am using it for my realism update so this is definitely a good find thank you.

Could I also suggest maybe a minor progress bar after usages or a brief cooldown in between usages so its not spammed to fill max armor in 1 second? especially for the lower armor item. I was able to make sure that doesn’t happen using the item with my inventory but it could be useful for those without the inventory I have.

Update 1.1.0 has just been released, you can see if this is what you were looking for

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Ya it worked great man that is perfect! nice work I appreciate it

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