[FREE] Modern House Shell

Hi to everyone. Today I want to share a free resource I made.

This is a shell, basic one, with some essential services like a big area for meeting, a custom kitchen, a bathroom and a big bedroom with a giant stash.

The property starts with a waiting room, where you can teleport into the shell.

Majority of the furniture are custom, some are from GTA and most of the textures are custom too.

All the textures are editable.

Waiting room: ( Fisheye picture)

Living area is kitchen + living room, in a open space formula. A large sofa zone with a lot of seats to have meetings:

Kitchen area separated by an half wall.

Next the kitchen there’s the dining area, going to the other living areas and to the bathroom, and bedroom.

Bathroom is in the Amalfi Coast style as I’m from there so in love with terracotta in general.

Bedroom is divided into two spaces, that you can easily make a unique ambient erasing the wall, with codewalker.

You can erase everything and also use the empty shell alone, if you prefer to use a script to furnish it.

Everything is baked so no resources from you gpu will be used to obtain shadows and details on any model.

Github download

Other MLOs:

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Looks great !
Thanks a lot for sharing your shell :pray: :fire:

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this is pretty cool!!

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Excellent! Keep them coming!

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and the coords? :3

Great shell and thank you for your sharing :slight_smile:

However, two minor errors have crept in, maybe you can take a look at them again here.
First: The props in the kitchen are slightly too deep

Second: The door in the entrance has no frame. It is also movable so that a player can fall out of the shell

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Thanks for reporting! There was also another detail that I missed when exporting, fixed and pushed. The repo is updated now!

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moto_shell01_shell is the spawn code of the shell?

Not sure of how your script works, neither all the other shell scripts, but you should call the moto_shell01_mlo to spawn the interior. that is the file containing also the ytyp linked

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i cant spawn it with moto_shell01_mlo loaf_offsetfinder i want to make this for qb-apartment

I am trying to use it on qs-housing, but the problem is shell not spawning or rendering with moto_shell01_mlo

Really don’t know if you don’t explain exactly what you do. You should ask on some quasar community how it works and why you cannot spawn the shell. Maybe the starting shell that comes with qs-housing? Really can’t imagine, it’s a closed source code and I don’t own it!


We just have to add the shell’s spawn code on the config, it will spawn the the shell automatically on the housing script. Other shells are working fine. Just your one not spawning

I also tried loaf_offsetfinder to spawn your shell, but still the same

Ah so yes you need to spawn the shell instead based on your screen

spawning shell not working for me too with loaf_offsetfinder