[FREE] [MINIMAP] Black & White Dark Postal Code Map & Minimap (Fixed) (Cayo Perico Included) (With & Without Cayo Bridge)

I’m not the creator of these maps, I simply modified them by adding a black and white filter and inverting the colors, and fixed a double zip code at the same time.

[Image] (PNG) Full size - San Andreas (without Cayo Bridge)

Below are links to the original maps.
Original (San Andreas): Postal Code Map & Minimap FIXED
Original (Cayo Perico): Cayo-Perico Island Color Minimap

PS: Thanks to D3TheThird for his modified version of Cayo Perico with postal codes! Have a look!
[FREE] [MAP] Cayo Perico Dark Postal Code Map

There’s also a version with the Cayo Perico bridge. For this, of course, you need the associated MLO, which I invite you to have a look at below!

Cayo Perico Bridge: Cayo Perico Bridge | GTA5 - FIVEM
[Image] (PNG) Full size - San Andreas (with Cayo Bridge)

Download: jordqn_black&white_fix.rar (38.3 MB) (Fixed minimap not working)

Black & White without postals.rar (18.3 MB)
roxwood.ytd (276.6 KB)


Great release! Just so you know the minimap is not working :slight_smile:

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Fixed, I had forgotten the script, my bad!


you are the best!


how did u edit the gfx file for the cayo? haha im kinda OCD with the bridge


Yes, I also have the problem when displaying both maps at the same time (Cayo Perico and San Andreas), the bridge passes under Cayo Perico. I assumed there was a way using a script, that’s why I didn’t modify the GFX, but if there’s no other way I’ll modify it if necessary.

If you want to do it yourself, here’s how to modify a GFX file:

It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is a tedious task.

First, you need to transform your GFX file into a SWF file. To do this, you need to open it with HxD software and modify the first three letters with FWS like that.

Change the .gfx to .swf.

Then you can edit the SWF file with FFDEC (aka. jpexs-decompiler).

When you’ve finished editing, remember to convert your SWF back to GFX in the same way as before.

I hope this has helped you.


Does this work with nearest postal script if so witch json file does it use?


Yes, it works with nearest-postal, you can use the “new-postals.json” file. However, this one is missing a zip which is 1106, so I’ll give you my version if you like.

new-postals.json (141.5 KB)

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Insane release, you fix all issues with original map and even for nearest postals :pray: thanks a lot !!

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Tested it today, it work great :+1:

People have no originality anymore :neutral_face:

I don’t know who you are, but I assume you’re talking about originality because you posted the same map a few days ago.

First of all, I’ve been planning to post this map for more than a week, I’ve had this map on my server for more than a month and I’ve been offered to publish it being HD and having Cayo Perico as well. I had no idea that your release existed.


Secondly, I never take credit for someone else’s work. As you said in your post, I just applied two filters to an existing map. I just made the extra effort of doing it on an HD map, making Cayo with it, correcting an existing double zip on the original map, keeping the dots on the map by replacing the colors with numbers.

If you’re not happy, I don’t care and honestly I’m not going to argue about it, if you want to appropriate someone else’s work do it, it’s not me you have to deal with but the creator of the original map. On that note, good evening to you and good luck.


Can you also make a map for Roxwood?

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For people who want Roxwood in black and white.

Use this script and replace the roxwood.ytd with the one below!

Custom .ytd: roxwood.ytd (276.6 KB)


great job, is there a version of this with no postal codes ?

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Download the pack and replace the files in the stream folder with these:
Black & White without postals.rar (18.3 MB)


I’ve made some colorful minimaps available to you, here are a few previews.
Cayo Perico and Roxwood are included.

Since these are bonuses, I won’t be making any additional support or requests on these minimaps.


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if you can share the bridge only image so i can add it to the non postal version

Hello, is it possible to add the Ne Noore Cayo Perico Minimap Bridge v2?